10 reasons why Saigon is the nicest town in Southeast Asia

Saigon, which is a popular site in Vietnam vacation packages has everything you need in a tourism city. A beautiful river and green parks make the city be relaxed, vibrant nightlife and fine restaurants provide the city lively atmosphere. You can also discover ancient temples and trendy street art. 

Below are 10 reasons why Saigon is the nicest town in Southeast Asia

  1. Green parks

Saigon is bursting with greenery which is not quite surprised with its tropical climate and river across the city. After visiting Reunification Palace, you should walk to Tao Dan park which is full of bizarre images. In my previous Vietnam tour package, I have taken a lot of brilliant pictures here.

  1. Heavenly coffee

In Heavenly coffee, you will have chance to enjoy Vietnam coffee with original Vietnamese flavour. Coffee here is made very carefully. The coffee is allowed to slowly drip into the glass, then it is poured onto a layer of condensed milk (saccharine), and finally, 10 ice cubes are added. Straw in it – enjoy!

  1. Fine taxis (for the price of a bus ticket)

For longer distances in the city, taxi could be considered to be the best means of transportation. You should always take Mailinh (green) or Vinasun taxi, they are the best known taxi agent in Vietnam. The meters will calculate the money you have to pay, so you do not need to negotiate the price.

Saigon is the most desirable destination in Vietnam holiday package

Saigon is the most desirable destination in Vietnam holiday package

  1. Buzz Ling vibe

Saigon is always in motion. Streetscape and nightlife are popular here. New rooftop bars are springing up like mushrooms growing from the ground. Therefore, it is perfect to visit this city in the evening, the nightlife here is lively and amazing. Visit instance rooftop bar ‘Plus 1’ to see how hip and young Saigon in the evening is and be entertained with Tiger beer and mix with house beats.

  1. Worldly restaurants

Currently, Saigon has nearly 1770 restaurants (based on TripAdvisor). However, that is not all. Not only does Saigon have a surprising number of restaurants, but the types of the restaurants are diversed. No matter what kind of foods you want to eat, whether it is Vietnamese or Thai food, you can still find them in Saigon! It’s all there and most of them are above average quality. Take a trip to District 2 for a classy dinner right on the Saigon River at ‘The Deck’. This place has been the favorite among expats and travelers for years. Remember to book the table beside the river.

  1. Fast-Paced motorbikes

If Netherlands is full of bikes, then Saigon is overwhelming with thousands of mopeds. In Vietnam, Japanese are the favourite brands. They trust the quality of Japanese’s products. Everyone wants a Honda! Thanks to the moped, traffic in Vietnam is not daily stuck with cars as in other Asian cities. At the first glance, the traffic is like a mess, but you will find that they give each other space and do not get angry with each other. So, agreeable chaos.

  1. Surprising (street) art

Old works can be found in Fine Arts museum. More modern art can be found scattered throughout galleries. You can wander around a district which is behind Le Thanh Ton (street) and near a Japanese named ‘Station 3A’. You can find lots of graffiti art on the walls.

  1. Relaxed Saigon River

The Saigon River is perhaps one of the best undiscovered attraction of Saigon. Meandering around the green banks of the river is the perfect way to escape the bustling and hustling city.

  1. Undiscovered pagodas and temples

In every travel guide you will find the Jade Emperor Pagoda and the Cao Dai temple (just outside the city), but there are so many other undiscovered gems. In the Chinese district of Cholon. there are many other temple that are worth visiting.

  1. Delicious street food

Thanks to the tropical temperatures, you can always eat outside. And the fruits here are variable in type. There are many kinds of fruit that you might have never heard before. So take your time to enjoy all the delicious fruit here. For less than 4 euros you can have a delicious plate of rice with meat and an egg. Really cheap, right?

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